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Not Your Mama’s Tupperware Party

September 2, 2010

Unlike many mothers of our generation, my mother never threw a Tupperware party. She hated those things, but attended many. I myself have been invited to more jewelry, candle and Mary Kay parties than I care to count. Because of the stigma I’ve always tried to avoid them. The truth is, though, that if done right one of these selling parties can be a blast. And with so many different types of parties to choose from, there really is something for everyone.

 A close friend recently held a Mary Kay party at her home and went all out. We dressed up, had brunch, drank mimosas, and pampered away with Mary Kay products. In the end, I walked away feeling happy, tipsy and pampered and bought an adorable and tasty lip gloss. (Never feel obligated to buy something! Many of the girls didn’t buy anything at all. I just really needed some cute pink gloss.)

Here are some great sellers that could make a fun addition to a party. They’re free, you’re never obligated to purchase anything, and the host usually gets a free gift!

Dove Chocolate Discovery Party


What it is: Host a chocolate tasting party in your home and sample drinks, desserts and baking products.

Products: Chocolates, easy to prepare desserts, beverages, and baking tools and accessories.

Fun Ideas: Dress up and have a fancy wine and chocolate party. Or dress down and have a chocolate spa party complete with chocolate facials.

Learn More:

The Traveling Vineyard


What it is: Invite your friends over for a free wine tasting complete with five full bottles of wine and a personal wine consultant.

Products: Wine and wine accessories.

Fun Ideas: Have a dinner party and serve your best lasagna before or during your wine tasting. Or include cheese and chocolate pairings for your tasting.

Learn more:

Spa Girl Parties


What it is: Spa Girl offers two different party options. The Girlfriend Get-Together samples products such as body scrubs, spritzes and lotions; while the Facial Party lets your guests discover the company’s cleanser, toners and creams.

Products: Bath & body products and gifts.

Fun Ideas: Mimosas would be a great addition, so host a brunch or tea party along with your spa day. You could also hire someone to do manicures, or set out a bunch of nail polish choices and hold a DIY session.

Learn more:

Pampered Chef


What it is: Pampered Chef parties are nothing new, but I think they’re still a great idea. When you host a Pampered Chef cooking show you get the opportunity to learn recipes, techniques and tips.

Products: Kitchen and cookware, cookbooks, spices, and more.

Fun Ideas: Go kitschy and have a fifties style desperate housewives party. Dress up, serve retro finger foods and set the mood with music reminiscent of the time. 

Learn more:

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