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The Gift of Regiving

September 2, 2010

Recycled Paper

Jumping on board the green train? It seems like more and more companies are developing recycled and eco-friendly products for daily use and gift-giving.

Greenfield Paper sells eco-friendly and recycled products such as paper, business cards, plantable greeting cards, and gorgeous modern wrapping paper.

Not into the one-time use wrapping paper? Fabric can be reused over and over. Or use a cute canvas bag. Two gifts for one at about the same price! Wrapsacks have a cool feature where you can track a bag by entering the Wrapsack code online. It’s really the gift that keeps on giving.

Even more on the practical side is this great bag from Bagnesia. The reminder kit guarantees that your gift recipient never leaves his or her grocery bags in the car or at home again. (I always remember as soon as I have a cart half full of groceries!) It comes with a reusable bag, door hanger, steering wheel wrap, key chain, and carbineer.

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