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The Art of Tailgating: Stocking the Bar

September 9, 2010

Having a simple, well stocked bar is what separates the tailgate amateurs with the pros. Some people go all out with margarita machines and roll in kegs for the event. While that’s not necessary, here are a few additions that will make your tailgate stand out.

Tailgating Booze

The Basics:

  • Soda and Water: Be kind and remember that not everybody drinks alcohol. It’s nice to have non-alcoholic drinks on hand for those that don’t drink and those that need a break.
  • Coffee and/or Hot Chocolate: Chances are it will get cold outside by the end of the season. Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee when you’re trying to get warm.

 The Booze:

  • Beer: This is an obvious one. Offer your favorites and some local brews. If you have enough people, you could even roll in a small keg.
  • Wine: Single serving wine bottles in both red and white allow wine drinkers to partake without the need for glasses and corkscrews.  
  • Bloody Marys: I like to keep a batch of premixed Bloody Marys on hand. It makes me feel better about the pre-noon drinking fest.
  • Butterscotch, peppermint, and/or cinnamon schnapps: Such a yummy addition to your coffee or hot chocolate.
  • Kahlua or Irish Cream: Sipped straight or added to your coffee, these are both great items to have at the bar.
  • Jello Shots: Make them in your team colors and have fun.
  • Frozen Cocktail Buckets: Target sells these seasonally. Look out for the apple cider slush and the other great autumn drinks.
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