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The Art of Tailgating: The Early Risers

October 2, 2010

Sometimes you just need an excuse to drink beer at the crack of dawn. Luckily tailgating gives you that perfect excuse. Add some coffee, mimosas and Bloody Mary’s to the mix for your friends that can’t bring themselves to chug a cold one after Friday night’s partying.


Tailgate Breakfast:

  • Breakfast Casserole: Make a casserole like this self proclaimed Best Breakfast Casserole Ever the day before and warm it up the next morning right in the grill for a slightly smokey and delicious flavor without the hassle of juggling your drink and a spatula before your eyes have quite adjusted to the morning light.
  • Bisucits & Gravy: For some reason we don’t get biscuits & gravy nearly enough up north, which is a shame since they’re the quintessential warm comfort food.
  • Pancakes: Since I’m all about blue food right now, I couldn’t resist throwing some blueberry pancakes out there. You could easily use food coloring though to make pancakes for any team. Top your grill with a portable griddle for pancakes and homefries. This one from Weber takes up half your grill’s space so you still have room for sausages.
  • Homefries: This is one of the easiest and cheapest breakfast dishes out there, which is great for us since it’s all supper yummy.
  • Fruit Salad: Add a healthy choice to breakfast with a fresh seasonal fruit salad.
  • Mimosas & Bloody Marys: Of course you can do kegs & eggs, but this is the much classier way to go. Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s are great early morning alcoholic drinks that spare you the guilt of drinking before noon. I’m particularly fond of Ripe’s Bloody Mary Mixer which blends together San Marzano tomatoes, celery juice, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, horseradish, and grey Celtic sea salt.


That’s all Lost Girl has for this year’s football season. Now it’s time to go fill up and cheer on our teams!

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