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Halloween’s Going to the Dogs

October 11, 2010

Since I make my own costume every year, I typically plan it months in advance. This means that I now have plenty of time to pick out ridiculously funny costumes for my loved ones. My puppy is number one on this list.

I never thought I’d be the person that dresses up her pets, but now that I have a dog of my own there’s not much else that can make me giggle as hard. I also like to look at it as payback for the black pumps she ate last month. And the boots. And the several pairs of sandals. (We’ll let the Crocs massacre slide since I’m sure that was more of a fashion favor on her part.)


Pirate Puppy is not pleased.

Bailey is actually wearing a children’s costume that I purchased from Homegoods for 50% off, but here are some of my favorite puppy costumes from around the web:

Clockwise from top left corner: Dalmation Cow, Taco Dog, Football Player, Dino, Rocket Dog, and Caterpillar

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