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Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

November 2, 2010

Many of us are gearing up to travel to spend the holiday with family and friends, or with friends’ families. Regardless of where you’ll end up this Thanksgiving, a hostess gift is always appreciated.

This Thanksgiving will be my first one away from home, this time travelling to New Jersey to spend the long weekend with my boyfriend’s family. Since we’ll be staying with his parents and enjoying Thanksgiving at his aunt and uncle’s home, I’m in need of several creative hostess gifts that will  not only impress, but will survive the trip.

Ideally you should call the hostess to see if you can help by bringing a dish, but if she insists that you shouldn’t bring anything (or if you’re terrified of your boyfriend’s very intense aunt and can’t bring yourself to call her without shaking uncontrollably…) you should still bring something small as a token of thanks. Here are a couple of ideas to aid you in your perfect hostess gift search.

Clockwise from upper left hand corner:

Chocolate Turkeys: These are absolutely adorable and a wonderful gift for any hostess. I might send these to my own aunt’s house since I usually spend Thanksgiving there, but won’t be with them this year.

The Day After the Feast Soup Mix: Such a cute idea for day-after leftovers. Attach this mix to a nice soup tureen or soup bowls for a complete gift set.

Caramel Apples: I’m a true New England girl, so I’m planning on making caramel apples to give to my boyfriend’s parents and siblings. I’m glad that it’s something I can DIY and that the whole family can enjoy.

Local Wine/Food Products: I’ve decided to bring a bottle of both local wine and local sparkling cider to Thanksgiving dinner. This is a perfect combo when there will be children at dinner or when you’re not sure if everybody drinks. Plus, I’m happy to be bringing something from my home state.

Tea Presentation Box: This is one of the items that I would be thoroughly thrilled to receive. Not only would I love to have this assortment to serve to guests after dinner, but I’d be able to enjoy the tea later as well. And I do love a good cup of tea.

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  1. November 17, 2010 5:09 pm

    hi there! i am new to your blog but i really like it! you have some really great ideas and tips. stop by if you get a chance. xoxo jcd

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